Logilica is a Software Engineering Intelligence Platform that enables engineering and product teams to holistically track their delivery forecasts, improve their organisational effectiveness and align with business objectives.
To minimize ramp up time the Logilica platform comes with pre-built reporting and rich context specific drill-downs including for common industry benchmarks such as SPACE, SAFe, and DORA.
Logilica empowers enterprise users to fully customize all insights and reporting through comprehensive access to their embedded analytics DataStudio.
Logilica’s open architecture, which supports flexible data import and export for integration with in-house systems, makes it a versatile solution for the modern enterprise.

Logilica Architecture Overview

Logilica connects to your engineering tools through first-class connectors and regularly scans your metadata for updates to commute metrics and insights. We also provide upload APIs for custom data and custom connector types.
Logilica's embedded analytics engine, DataStudio, computes correlations, insights and forecasts from the ingested data in an intelligent data pipeline, scaling with your organisation. The DataStudio is also accessible to end users to build their own insights and dashboards.
Logilica Overview
We are always expanding Logilica's capabilities and features. Don't hesitate to contact the support team below if you have any suggestions on improving the platform.


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