Epics Delivery Tracker


The epic delivery tracker provides a high-level overview of all the epics of an organisation that are currently in progress, their recent epic activities and the forecasted completion date.

This assists engineering and product leaders to stay on top of many parallel strands of work and track against delivery goals.


Epic: shows the epic name and the number of items (issues, tasks, etc.) in that epic.

Progress: Shows the currently completed and total number of items in the epic. This gives you some relative progress indication.

Status: Epics status as set in Jira, GitHub Project, etc.

Burndown: Relative burndown of items in the epic. Upward spikes mean new items have been added to an existing epic.

Code activity: Indicates PR activities such as open/close/merge to gauge where teams are active.

Target: Delivery target dates as defined in Jira, GitHub Projects etc. If no target date is set, the cell will show as “Not set”.

Forecast: Estimated delivery date based on current ticket velocity. It says "Waiting" if the epic has not yet started (as defined in the planning tool) and "Completed" once all items in the epic are completed.

Variance: The Variance shows the difference to the target date defined in your planning tool. If the planning tool does not have a set target date, no variance is computed and “Untracked” is displayed.

Good to Know

History: The delivery tracker shows all epics that are currently open. After the initial onboarding, the timeline is capped at 6 months of history but then tracks any new epics from their inception dates. This means new epics will always be tracked over their complete lifetime.

Forecast vs Status: The Forecast will show completed when all epic items are completed. However, the Status might still show "in progress" or similar as the latter comes out of Jira/GitHub Projects etc. and might not have yet been manually set to complete.

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