User Management

What are Users?

Users are individuals of an organisation who have login access to the Logilica platform. These can be seperate from contributors, who contribute to engineering work and whose data is aggregated in the platform.

Managing Users

Users can be managed by organisation administrators by navigating to Settings -> Organisation -> Users.

Organisation administrators can invite and add new users, delete existing users or change their access roles.

Adding Users

New users can be added by providing their name, email and role. The email address will be used for them to activate their account. For security reasons, this invite is only valid for a limited period of time. However, it can be resent if the users do not activate their account in within that period.

Assigning User Scopes

Each user is assigned a scope relevant to their role. By default, Logilica supports Viewers, Connector Owners and Organisation Administrators. These roles can be assigned during the user creation and later changed through the user management interface.

Role-Based Access Control

Logilica follows the philosophy of data transparency and at a minimal level, gives every user who is invited to the platform Viewer access. Note that by default, data contributors do not have user access unless invited.

Connector Owners are those who are allowed to connect new tools and data sources such as GitHub, Jira, CircleCI, etc.

Organisation Administrators are allowed to manage users, API tokens and other organisation-wide information.

If you require more fine-grained access control, please get in touch with your enterprise account manager or

Access Scopes

AdministratorConnector OwnerViewer

View dashboards

Export reports

Access query API

Import new data sources

Set thresholds & goals

Create API tokens

Upload data through API

Manage users accounts

Manage organisation settings

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