Ticket Activities / Risks

Deep dive into your ticket activities and delivery risks.


This view is for team mangers to see all their relevant ticket activities and risks across teams and boards. Moreover, powerful filtering can be used to slice and dice tickets across the organisation to follow evidence and do quick investigations.

Improvement Actions: Logilica's pre-computed risk categories help to proactively manage tickets before future problems, such as sprint overruns or delivery delays occur.


Some of the information about each ticket in this report includes:

Lead time: The ticket lifecycle time from its creation to being closed.

Breakdown: The lifecycle breakdown of each ticket showing its time in the Backlog (until being assigned), Pickup (from assignment to in progress) and Resolution (from in progress to done).

Updated: The last time the tickets were touched as recorded by Jira etc. This includes all activities recorded by Jira or similar planning tools.

Status: Ticket status as defined by Jira/GitHub Projects etc. status.


Logilica tracks the number of default risks for each ticket. This includes:

  • Slow Response: A ticket that has been assigned but has not been moved to in-progress for more than 7 days.

  • Unassigned WIP: A ticket that has been moved to a work-in-progress (WIP) state, but is not assigned to anyone.

  • Long Running WIP: A ticket that has been moved to an in-progress state, but has not been closed in more than 2 weeks. This ticket might be stuck or forgotten and likely leads to a sprint overrun.

  • Sprint Overrun: A ticket that was scheduled for a specific sprint, but did not get completed in the originally scheduled sprint.

Good to Know

The ticket risks serve as predefined filters and can be combined with other existing or custom filters. Behind the More button on the filter bar additional complex queries such as below can be easily constructed.

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