Activity Lens

Understand what each team member is working on right now.


The activity lens is a team manager's view to be aware of each team member's activity. It shows the most recent active items across tickets and PRs, and highlights some of the risks to delivery. This report also serves as a communication basis with team members to sync on progress and concerns.

Improvement Actions: The activity view helps for direct communication with contributors, being aware of what they are working on, celebrate progress and to address any concerns. Some actions might be to reallocate work across the team, set expectations, and prepare for standup meetings.


The activity view includes the most recent progress on open items (tickets + PRs). By default a limited history includes items that have been recently closed as well. This includes:

  • the PR/ticket description and link.

  • a timestamp on the last activity as recorded in the repository/planning tool

  • the duration of since the ticket has been assigned or the since the first commit of the PR that is opened

  • a cycle/lead time breakdown of the different stages up to now

  • a set of risk tags listing potential delays/risks on tickets and PRs as defined for their categories

  • and the state of the ticket/PR

Good to Know

The activity view serves as an entry point for a conversation with the team and its members for process improvements. It is not intended as a performance tracker. Note, the timeliness of the data is also affected by the scan frequency as defined by your organisation, which is 24h by default.

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