Data Exploration

The Logilica platform offers a wide range of predefined charts and data insights. Each dashboard or report typically contains a number of charts from individual data sources or across data sources.

For instance, Logilica automatically detects coding activity correlated to tickets, links up that information and displays corresponding insights.

The below shows parts of an Epics Cockpit that break down the epic by its current investment focus based on labels, its velocity in delivering over time as well as risk factors on the tickets as well as their corresponding coding activities (PR) that have been automatically detected.

Each chart is typically associated with some drill-down action, allowing you to follow the trace of evidence and explore causes in more detail.

Below is the drill-down view into the coding activity for two teams over the last 30 days and the state of each PR as well as some of the associated risks. Like most Logilica data views, additional filters as well as slice & dice operations can be applied.

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