API Token Management

To access Logilica's data store and interact with the platform through its APIs, we support a token-based access model.

API Token Generation

To generate and manage tokens navigate to Settings -> API Tokens and click on "Generate New API Token".

Token Settings

In the token creation process, you need to define the following:

  • a name for the token

  • an expiration date, and

  • a set of scopes.

The scopes visible to you might depend on your access right. Please get in touch with your administrator if you cannot see the relevant scopes.

Copy the Generated Token

Once you generate the token, ensure to copy and store it safely.

Warning: for security reasons, you cannot see the token key later. If you lose the key, you must generate a new token.

Revoking Tokens

Once tokens have been generated, they can be revoked individually or in bulk.

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