Customizing Existing Dashboards

Within the appropriate access rights and Logilica plan, you can completely customize existing dashboards to your requirements and organisational needs.

Enter editing mode

By clicking the (⋮) on the top of a dashboard, you can enter the editing mode. If you cannot see that option, please contact your workspace administrator or the support team.

Editing options

Once in the editing mode, there are different ways to customize the current dashboard:

  • Rearranging and resizing tiles: you can drag & drop tiles around and resize them to your liking.

  • Renaming tiles: simply change chart titles by editing the text.

  • Deleting tiles: click the trash can icon to delete charts.

  • Editing charts: click the pencil icon the edit the actual chart content and underlying data query. You will be taken to the DataStudio for that operation.

Adding Tiles

Once in editing mode, by clicking the same (⋮) from the top of the dashboard, you will be able to see more menu items, including:

  • Adding charts: By clicking that option, you can add a new chart from the chart library and include that in the current dashboard.

  • Adding text: This option allows you to add text boxes with markup for headlines, sections and explanatory text to your dashboard. This also assists you in creating your own report text.

Saving Edited Dashboards

Use the above menu to exit without saving (Close) or to Save the modified dashboards. You can also save a new copy (Save As) of your modified dashboard.

Creating New Work Streams, Dashboards and Charts

Within the appropriate access rights and Logilica plan, you can completely extend Logilica by creating your own work streams, dashboards and charts/metrics.

By selecting the Tools menu on the sidebar, you can manage the library of existing elements or add new Work Streams, Dashboards and Charts.

For each of the above, you will be taken to the respective management page. For instance, for dashboard management, you can add new dashboards or manage/delete current ones.

Follow the forms to create and manage the respective elements.

Cannot see the Tools menu?

If you cannot see the Tools menu, please contact your workspace administrator for the appropriate access rights or the support team at for further help. Similarly, your account manager will help you with the right plan or additional training and service requirements.

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