Onboarding Users

Users vs Contributors

Logilica has the concept of Contributors and Users.

  • Contributors are all individuals in an organisation who contributed to the data imported into Logilica. For instance, if you connect a repository, anyone who has been active on that repository recently will be counted as a contributor. Contributors do not have access to the Logilica platform by default. You will need to make them users.

  • Users are individuals who have been given access to the Logilica platform. These can be contributors, but also others from your organisation, such as the management team, who might not actively contribute to code, etc.

Adding Users

To add new users, navigate to your Organisation settings.

Under the organisation settings, there is a section to invite and manage users as well as their access control rights.

Sending Invitations

Once you select Add New User, you will be asked to provide the contact details (name/email) of that user as well as an access level.

The system will email a temporary link valid for 5 days for that user to accept the invite.

As an administrator, you can add, delete and manage users. You can also cancel invitations.

If you would like to bulk onboard users or have other questions, please contact support@logilic.com.

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