Managing Contributors

What are Contributors?

Contributors are all individuals in an organisation who contributed to the data imported into Logilica. For instance, if you connect a repository, anyone who has been active on that repository recently will be counted as a contributor.

Including / Excluding Contributors

By default, all active contributors' data will be enabled and included in the Logilica platform. However, you can disable individuals, bots or other accounts you don't want to include.

Contributors can be edited and invited to become full users through "Settings -> Contributors".

Merging Contributor Identities

Contributors are identified by their name and email address. However, sometimes an individual might have several email addresses, an additional GitHub address or similar, resulting in duplication.

Under "Settings -> Contributors", duplications can be managed by merging several identities into one. Logilica also uses heuristics to identify duplications automatically and to provide merge suggestions.

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