SSO Integration

Quick start for connecting to your SSO provider


Logilica has integrated Single Sign On (SSO) with multiple Identity Providers. SSO authentication enables users to log in to multiple applications and websites with one set of credentials.

Internally, Logilica leverages Passport JS. Please find more details in their respective documentation (

Configuring SSO in Logilica

In the Logilica platform, SSO is implemented as an organisational setting. To update the SSO configuration, go to the 'Organisation settings' and navigate to the 'Single Sign On' tab.

In the SSO form, get the following information from your selected Identity Provider (IdP), such as Google Workspace, OneLogin, Okta, etc. and fill in the form accordingly:

  • Entity ID: An Entity ID is provided to the IdP to uniquely identify and accept authentication requests from the Service Provider (Logilica).

  • Entry URL: Identity Provider URL to which the user will be redirected to during the sign-in process.

  • Certificate: The x.509 certificate generated by your IdP for the specified SAML settings used to verify your identity.

Logging in after Initial Configuration

When logging into Logilica with SSO, select the 'Log in with SSO' option from the login page. You will be prompted to enter your Logilica workspace/organisation name as defined in the original onboarding process, and you will be redirected to your configured Identity Provider.

Choose SSO/SAML as Login

Choose SSO for logging in.

Enter Your Logilica Workspace

Enter your Workspace name/subdomain and press Continue.

Once authenticated with your IdP, you have successfully logged into your Logilica account.

Managing SSO Users

For workspaces where SSO is enabled, new team members must be added through your IDP's Logilica integration. Any user that is provisioned in your IDP can log in to Logilica. Logilica automatically creates an account for them on their first SSO log-in.

Users added via your IDP integration will have Viewer permissions by default. Logilica Workspace Administrators can update user permissions in the Logilica user management console.

If you have any questions or encounter an issue, do not hesitate to reach out to your customer support representative or contact

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