Setting up Teams

What are Teams?

Teams are groups of contributors, i.e., individuals who have their data integrated with Logilica. Logilica supports two team concepts: managed teams and synchronized teams.

  • Managed teams are groups of individuals defined by the Logilica platform administrator or team administrators. You can see teams as individuals being labelled with a team name.

  • Synchronized teams are teams defined externally, for instance, in GitHub or Jira, and are synchronized across Logilica. There are settings in the integration connector where you can enable/disable synchronized teams.

Teams can be set up during onboarding or subsequently through your settings pages.

Teams Overview

In the Teams settings, two types of teams are displayed: Synchronized Teams and Created Teams. Synchronized Teams are enabled/disabled in the respective integration connector settings. Created Teams are local to the Logilica platform, and the team, as well as its members can be managed through the Logilica interface.

You can add a new team and edit its team members.

Creating / Managing Teams

From "Add New Team", you can set a custom team name, assign one or more administrators who can add/remove team members, and add the team members themselves.

After clicking "Create New Team", the new team will be available in the Team overview and throughout the platform for the appropriate dropdowns, filters and dashboards.

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