Onboarding Data

Logilica Connectors

Logilica ingests data from common DevOps and Platform Engineering products and creates out-of-the-box metrics, dashboards and reports.

To connect your data sources, navigate the sidebar to Integrations.

From there, select the data source you like to connect to. Note, for certain connectors such as GitHub that contain PR data, issues, build information etc., additional settings might be available.

Click on Install to start the integration process. You must authenticate and allow Logilica to access the relevant metadata sources. Generally, Logilica supports Token-based authentication and OAuth, depending on the availability of the data provider.

OAuth-based Access

Logilica will only read the relevant data and will have no write access back to your original data source. Also, all OAuth authentication is done through your data provider without Logilica storing any passwords.

Token-Based Access

Logilica supports access tokens where the data provider does not support OAuth or where there is a demand for additional token-based access.


If you cannot find your preferred data source or have trouble connecting, reach out to us at support@logilica.com, as we might support additional data sources as part of our enterprise plan or in closed beta.

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